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Father John Misty attended the Brit Awards just so he could become a meme

on February 26, 2016, 12:05am

In what may be the greatest conspiracy since JFK’s assassination, Father John Misty’s J Tillman seemingly attended this year’s Brit Awards for the sole purpose of becoming a living, breathing meme.

Tillman admitted as much in a pre-show interview, telling the BBC, “My publicist told me I’ve literally no chance of winning.” And yet he still attended the ceremony, and when it came time to announce the winner of Best International Artist, he was ready and waiting for the camera to pan to him once Justin Bieber’s name was announced.

In the hours since his triumphant defeat, Tillman has paired his reaction with videos of Donald Trump, Kanye West’s Only One video game, and Pizza Rat. And in typical trolling fashion, Tillman captioned each video with the hashtag #Mastercard, the Brit Awards’ presenting sponsor.

Someone instant message Alex Jones and Billy Corgan, because I just uncovered Barack Obama’s latest false flag operation.

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