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Texan trio Blue Healer shares new song “Luminescent Eyes” — listen

on January 21, 2016, 1:15pm

The boys of Blue Healer don’t discriminate when it comes to influences. Their sound meshes together the shiny accessibility of synthpop with the down-and-dirty aesthetic of basement rock. If that seems like a contradiction, well, welcome to Austin, Texas.

Born from the ashes of other Austin-based projects including Sons of Fathers, Blue Healers emphasize all the things that make pop music fun in the first place. The trio’s new single, “Luminescent Eyes”, exemplifies their penchant for earworm hooks and sexy, danceable grooves. It’s actually the first song the band ever wrote and recorded together, and they seem pretty stoked on it. “We like it, our friends like it, and maybe you’ll like it, too,” they say. “It’s a real happy-creeper … and for two chords, it’s not as boring as you’d think.”

Hey, don’t take their word for it. Listen in to “Luminescent Eyes” below: