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Stream: Slow Season’s remixed, remastered self-titled debut LP

on December 02, 2015, 9:35am

Back in October, we teased “Heavy”, a cut from the forthcoming remixed and remastered self-titled debut album from California psych rockers Slow Season. Now, the band is streaming the album in its entirety below.

The reissue is set to drop on RidingEasy Records on December 4th, and any fan of retro-tinged ’70s rock should take note. Slow Season’s blues-based heavy psych sounds a lot like Led Zeppelin, but the riffs and melodies in these songs are memorable enough to stand firmly on their own, far from the realm of ’70s copy-catism. In a word, Slow Season have soul. Daniel Rice’s vocals reach higher registers without sounding forced or screechy, and his guitar work paces deceptively proggy arrangements. Originally recorded and self-released in 2012, RidingEasy has given the album the care and proper post-production it deserves.

The renewed version of Slow Season drops on CD, LP, and digital on December 4th via RidingEasy’s website.

Slow Season tracklist:
01. Heavy
02. DayGlo Sunrise
03. Evil Words
04. Deep Forest
05. Ruah
06. Coco a Gogo
07. No Bridge Rag
08. Bars & Bars