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Sleeping At Last appeals to the senses with new single “Taste” — listen

on December 10, 2015, 12:00pm

Chicago-based singer-songwriter and producer Ryan O’Neal goes by the name Sleeping At Last, but it seems as if he hardly ever dozes off, let alone takes a breather. He’s currently in the midst of an ambitious year-long collection entitled Atlas: Year Two, which will eventually consist of 25 songs. Each of the five EPs in the collection explores a different theme, and the latest is called Senses.

Today, Sleeping At Last has shared “Taste”, the first single off the Atlas: Senses EP. “I’ve been having a lot of fun writing a song for each of the five senses,” explains O’Neal. “For ‘Taste’, I knew I wanted to write a song that reflected the complex and intricate detail of our tastebuds and the experience of taste. So I recorded every instrument I could think of. I also felt like the sense of taste is mostly a positive and enjoyable experience, so it felt like the song needed to contain that spirit as well.”

The Senses EP is due out early next year. Get your first taste below.