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Tim Fite takes on police injustice with new album and drawing collection RESIST — watch

on November 20, 2015, 10:40am

Tim Fite has always been one to let his opinions on culture known through his music. He’s satirically taken down consumerism (2007’s Over the Counter Culture) and our obsession with technology (last year’s iBeenHacked). But while those albums have all taken on a tongue-in-cheek approach, his latest cultural commentary is far more pointed.

“When the police are systematically harassing, incarcerating, dehumanizing, and murdering innocent civilians,” Fite tells Consequence of Sound, “I feel compelled to do more than just share a clip from the daily show about it on Facebook. So, I made RESIST.”

RESIST is Fite taking aim at the all too frequent injustice seen in modern America. By bringing together hardcore electronic compositions and familiar sampled dialogue about racial bias in police practices, Fite has created a powerful, aggressive assault on the criminal justice system. The project is more than just the nine songs, however, as the Brooklyn artist has created a unique drawing for each track. The result is something of a visual album, where the intensity with which Fite puts paint and ink onto canvas matches the driving energy of the songs. As PR for the release puts it, “The end result is an audio/visual experience unlike any other, where the truth about America’s brutal legacy of racist police violence is illustrated for all to see in black and white.”

The songs on the album are available for download and on Fite’s website. Below, watch the visual representation of the album in it entirety.