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The Grindmother is the first grindcore band fronted by a grandmother

on November 11, 2015, 2:45pm

The age gap is real, and there’s no place you see it more clearly than in music. While grandparents probably like to relax by sliding an old J.P. “Big Bopper” Richardson record onto the turntable, kids these days are making their eardrums bleed with their hip-hops and hardcore music. But one Canadian grandma is breaking down those barriers in a big, loud way. Meet The Grindmother, the world’s first grindcore band fronted by a geriatric.

As Metal Injection reports, the 67-year-old’s first blush with grindcore was when she entered a studio to provide backing screams for her son’s band, Corrupt Leaders. Something clicked, and she suddenly desired to start her own grindcore project. With her son’s support, she formed The Grindmother, who’ve just released their first single, “Any Cost”.

The granny does some pretty amazing things with her voice, from the devilish lows when she belts out, “Any cost environment,” to the pure demon scratching of the lines, “Every trick in book/ Breach your privilege.” If the lyrics sound overtly political, it’s because they are. The song is a not-so-fond farewell to recently ousted prime minister of Canada, conservative Stephen Harper.

Watch the video for the single, which features the Grindmother herself alternatively snarling and smiling, below.