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Harness the power of a Dino-Riders movie

on October 13, 2015, 5:26pm

One of the greatest action figure lines of the ’80s, if not ever, was Tyco Toys’ Dino-Riders. Recreating the battles between the good guy Valorians and the evil Rulons was made all the more fun with realistic prehistoric creatures that could stomp, or rattle, or wiggle. Basically, if you had Emperor Krulos and his T. Rex, you were my best friend growing up.

Well, Hollywood is either getting really nostalgic, or they’re just playing the game smart (ahem, Jurassic World’s $500+ worldwide grosses bodes incredibly well for silver screen dinos), because we’re likely getting a Dino-Riders movie. Yes, Solipsist Film and Mattel have come together to send filmgoers 65 million years into history.

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Producers Alissa Phillips and Stephen L’Heureux are looking to develop the film, which is reportedly set to “target the family demographic, with a strong action-adventure storyline,” according to The Tracking Board. There’s no studio or script or any stars attached, but it doesn’t require much of a pitch: “Hey, do you remember Dino-Riders?” Exactly.

The irony of all this is that Dino-Riders’ original 14-episode series was essentially an extended toy commercial. Granted, you can say that about any popular children’s cartoon series, but no, this was one was actually designed around the toys first. That pretty much explains why it only ran from October to December of 1988.

Still, tell me you wouldn’t want to play with all of this right now: