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Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s teenage son releases music as Jakob Danger — listen

on October 01, 2015, 2:35pm

From Bob and Jakob Dylan to Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus, music has a long history of parents passing on their gifts and legacies to the next generation. Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day is already the proud papa of one son in the biz, with his son Joey playing drums in the band Swmrs. Now, Armstrong’s youngest, 16-year-old Jakob, is joining his big bro on Burger Records.

Danger recently signed with the Fullerton, California-based label to release his debut EP as Jakob Danger. Though no date or details are set for anything official, the youngest Armstrong has already shared a few of his pop punk tracks via his YouTube account. Danger might not have the lyrical acumen of his father (“I just want to be the king of the world/ I’ll have all these friends and get all the girls,” he sings on “King of the World”), but the budding talent demonstrates a solid understanding of catchy tunes. “Waiting to Dance” shuffles about with some classic ’70s grooves, and “Don’t Try” shows a good understanding of space and surprise.

Sure, he’s still developing at just 16, but like he says after that line in “King of the World”, “Have patience and you’ll see/ Who I’m growing up to be.” Check out the three tracks, which also feature Joey on the drums, below.

“King of the World”:

“Waiting to Dance”:

“Don’t Try”: