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Footage of Morrissey’s alleged airport sexual assault surfaces — watch

on October 06, 2015, 8:53pm

Back in July, Morrissey claimed that his “penis and testicles” were groped by a security official at San Francisco International Airport during what was supposed to be a routine pat-down inspection. The TSA quickly denied the musician’s allegations in a statement, saying that “upon review of closed circuit TV footage,” the employee in question had “followed standard operating procedures in the screening of this individual.” That was hardly the end of the matter, however, as during an interview with Larry King last month, Morrissey again insisted that he was sexually assaulted.

Today, CCTV footage of the screening has surfaced online, obtained by Gawker through the Freedom of Information Act. The two-minute clip captures the moments during which Morrissey alleges to have been inappropriately touched. While the accused security officer can be seen thoroughly inspecting The Smiths singer (including in/around his waistband area), the footage doesn’t appear to be detailed or at a close enough range/angle to 100% prove Morrissey is in the right.

“It’s difficult to tell from this video, where the TSA officer’s body obstructs the camera’s view of his hands, what’s actually going on,” Gawker concludes at one point in its report, adding, “It’s also worth noting that the gentleman in the dark T-shirt, directly in front of Morrissey, had his waist area examined for a similar amount of time.”

In his complaint, Morrissey also said that he proceeded to confront the alleged groper, but additional footage obtained by Gawker doesn’t appear to back up this story.

Watch the full video below and head to Gawker for a more detailed breakdown of the footage.