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Florence and the Machine actually performed in a pool of water on Ellen — watch

on October 20, 2015, 2:30pm

There’s always been something elemental about Florence and the Machine. Florence Welch’s voice soaring over the baroque arrangements of her band feels like it was born right from Mother Earth herself. So it’s fitting that for their performance of “Ship to Wreck” on Ellen, the London outfit got in touch with their natural side by performing in an actual pool of water.

Don’t worry, the instruments were largely protected on risers above the stage pond, but Welch herself was right in there, splashing about. She may have been a bit more focused on acting like a kid in a puddle after a rain shower than hitting her own lofty notes, but you can’t blame her for having a bit of fun. She even gets face to face with the water’s surface at one point. If nothing else, it was a unique performance from a unique band, so check it out below.

“Ship to Wreck” appears on the band’s latest album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.