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Top 10 Songs of the Week (9/25)

on September 25, 2015, 2:22pm
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This week saw the premiere of the new Muppets TV show, a hotly anticipated project among those of us in the CoS office. While we may not have necessarily loved the first episode of the new ABC series, it brought about the “Statler and Waldorf review music” bit, which made this week’s Top Songs review process a lot of fun. At least for us. The good news for you? Only the great songs are left after that, so you don’t need to sit through the iffy impressions and bad puns. Instead, just lock into the excellent grooves below and forget we ever mentioned it.

10. Yvette  – “Calm and Content”

Yvette Calm and Content

The repeating drone of “Calm and Content”, the latest from New York noise punks Yvette could very well be the sound of the devil’s landline ringing. The duo do some serious damage in just over two minutes, equal parts thump, smash, burn, and slice. Noah Kardos-Fein delivers mantra-like lines as Dale Eisinger builds layers of searing synth and percussion. This isn’t the most complex track of the week, but it’s seriously cathartic and sure to get your head boiling and your blood aching. Or blood boiling and head aching. Or both. This one’s anything but calm and content. Yvette’s new EP, Time Management, drops October 2nd on Godmode.  –Adam Kivel

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