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Top 10 Songs of the Week (9/18)

on September 18, 2015, 1:00pm
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While it’s never seemed like a physical fight was going to break out over what would make it into the Top 10 Songs of the Week, some weeks are a little extra contentious. But when you’ve got as many amazing new tracks jockeying for position as we had this week, you might expect some serious passion to bubble up. Luckily, that debate resulted in a bunch of tracks that includes some numbers to fit with the feisty conversation and some songs to cool everything down. Click on and feel the fire.

10. Guerilla Toss – “Polly’s Crystal”

Guerilla Toss

“Polly’s Crystal” is the first we’ve heard from Guerilla Toss since the now New York-based band signed with DFA Records earlier this year. Topping off the group’s new three-song Flood Dosed tape, the seven-minute track plays out like a whole barrel of songs bundled up into one, a musical set of pharyngeal jaws. The guitars scrape up against shrill walls of synth, but the tight, bouncing bass lines are the secret hero of this weird display as they face off with Kassie Carlson’s wild, biting vocals. Flood Dosed sees an official release on October 9th, and Guerilla Toss is currently readying a new LP for early next year. –Sasha Geffen

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