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The Lonely Wild shares affecting new single “Scar” — listen

on September 08, 2015, 4:45pm

Photo​ ​by​ ​Jonathan Weiner

Los Angeles’ The Lonely Wild first caught our attention with their 2013 debut LP The Sun As It Comes. Their Mexicali twist on folk rock helped them stand out from the dusty masses that made up the Americana scene at the time. Earlier this year at South by Southwest, they proved that their unique take on indie wasn’t just a flash in the pan, delivering a powerful performance that demanded attention. Now, they’re ready to keep the fire burning with their sophomore record, Chasing White Light.

Produced by John Vanderslice, we’ve already heard the album’s first two singles, “Running” and “Snow”. With new track “Scar”, however, they may have just topped it all. Drummer David Farina creates a rhythm that drives like a desert wind, while Andrew Schneider’s guitar work pushes through like a bushed traveler, head down in the gale. The instrumentation plows onward with a ’70s rock rumble, but it’s Andrew Carroll aching vocals on the chorus that absolutely steal the show. With tangible heartbreak, he sings out, “Where was it you had to go?/ Pulling that heavy stone/ And couldn’t we have lightened the load?”

title comes from an actual scar I have on my arm,” Carroll tells Consequence of Sound. “When I was about eight years old, I was jumping on a friend’s bed, broke one of her porcelain dolls and sliced my arm open. As we grew up and entered our teenage years we grew apart and didn’t really keep in touch. I heard through family years later that she had a somewhat troubled young adult life, and died way too young.”

Caroll continues, “Sometimes we forget how we impact each other’s lives, and when tragedy strikes, we ask ourselves, ‘What if I had done something differently?’ With ‘Scar’, I came to the realization that every moment we make decisions that can’t be undone. These decisions effect the course of our lives.”

Take a listen to the affecting track below.