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This guy proposed to his girlfriend as Halloween killer Michael Myers

on August 21, 2015, 3:50pm

“It’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good proposal.” That was the thinking of Alec Wells, a diehard Halloween fan who last year hit the streets of Pasadena, California — the original shooting location of John Carpenter’s iconic 1978 slasher masterpiece — to propose to his longtime girlfriend Katherine Canipe.

Dressed as Laurie Strode, Canipe walks around the same neighborhood sidewalks that Jamie Lee Curtis strolled down decades ago. What she finds around the corner, however, is nothing short of marital bliss. Watch the video below, which Wells put together himself, to see how it all went down.

Our senior staff writer Dan Caffrey, a scholar of the franchise if you will, commented on the video with a twist of humor: “This is great and all, but the dude’s a chump for not taking it a step further and stepping out from behind the actual hedge used in the film. It’s right near that street! What a loser.”

You’ve fooled them, haven’t you Alec? But not Caffrey.