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Foo Fighters expertly troll Westboro Baptist Church

on August 22, 2015, 8:01pm

The best response one can give to the collective of bigots known as Westboro Baptist Church is to ignore them completely — otherwise you’re acknowledging their miserable existence. But if you were to engage them, go the way of Foo.

Westboro “protested” Foo Fighters’ concert in Kansas City, Missouri on Friday night. The band responded by jumping on the back of a pickup truck and blasting Rick Astley’s Rickroll anthem “Never Gonna Give You Up”. They danced along to the song and held up signs “You got Rickroll’d (again)” and “Keep It Clean.” Watch footage below.

This was Foo’s second encounter with Westboro. In 2011, the band dressed up as truckers and performed a song called “Keep It Clean (Hot Buns)” on a flat bed truck. Relive that priceless moment below.