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U2’s The Edge and Adam Clayton crash U2 fansite’s party, play with U2 cover band — watch

on July 31, 2015, 9:47am

U2 have made a habit of bringing out surprise guests on their recent world tour, from big names like Jimmy Fallon to dream-fulfilling fans like a U2 cover band. On Wednesday evening, half the band flipped the script and became surprise guests themselves when they crashed a U2 cover band’s show and joined them on stage.

The concert was in celebration of U2 fansite @U2’s 20th anniversary. As Rolling Stone tells it, site had reached out to the band, but were told that “maybe” some management and crew members would show up. So no one was particularly surprised when The Edge’s guitar tech Dallas Schoo walked in and asked to jump on stage with the band, Unforgettable Fire, to play a few songs. Of course, that proved to just be a distraction so Adam Clayton and Edge himself could sneak in a side entrance and work their way side-stage. Schoo tuned up the guitar, acting like he was the one about to play, before handing it off to Edge for “Where the Streets Have No Name”.

From the looks of it, not even Unforgettable Fire knew about the appearance beforehand. The crowd was so hyped they called for “one more song,” and so the half-real, half-cover band went into “Out of Control”. Talk about the best birthday party ever.

Watch the whole thing go down below: