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Foo Fighters’ Top 10 Songs

on July 04, 2015, 4:35pm
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foo2013feat Foo Fighters Top 10 Songs

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in December 2013. It is being re-published today in celebration of the band’s 20th anniversary.

While we’re still a ways off from their highly anticipated follow-up to 2011’s Top Star-earning Wasting Light, we’re pretty sure 2014 will be a special year for 2011’s Band of the Year.

In celebration of Foo Fighters’ impending return, we rounded up their 10 best songs. Fair warning: You won’t find “My Hero” on this list since that song will forever be haunted by 1999’s Paul Walker-starring vehicle, Varsity Blues, and we just can’t even…

Eh, to be honest, there just wasn’t any room for it.

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