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Ordinary Noise shares new song “You Are Here” – listen

on June 09, 2015, 9:05am

It’s been a quick ascension for Colchester, England indie rock outfit Ordinary Noise. Less than three years ago, they were playing pubs; now, they’re darlings on BBC Radio gearing up for the release of their debut EP. Up until now, the band has only released a smattering of eclectic, guitar driven singles, but that’ll change on August 14th when they unleash the self-titled EP. In anticipation, Ordinary Noise has shared a new single called “You Are Here”.

“The idea of this song is about the planet and how fragile it is,” the band says. “We were inspired by a video of the astronomer Carl Sagan discussing a photograph of the earth appearing as nothing but a tiny speck when taken from a satellite in orbit.”

Much like the expanse of space, “You Are Here” is sprawling and overwhelming. Shaky guitar lines fade between rushing drums and anxious tremolo lead lines. There’s a constant push and pull between sparse arrangements and floods of sound. Frontman Lou Terry quotes Sagan almost directly, softly waxing poetic about the pale blue dot as the instrumentals behind him breakdown into absolute mayhem. He’s a calm, collected thought caught in the fray. Much like our “pale blue dot” itself.

Listen in below.