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Courtney Love’s Uber attacked by protesters in France

on June 25, 2015, 10:45am

Courtney Love arrived in Paris earlier today, but she picked a poor time to try to hail an Uber in the country. French cabdrivers have been violently protesting against the ride-share company, and Love found herself caught in the crossfire.

According to her tweets, the first time she tried to get in an Uber, the car was beaten with metal bats and its tires ended up slashed. She posted an image of an egged car window and video showing a group of angry protesters stopping the vehicle she was in.

Kanye West was apparently also in town, hiding out at the airport, and Love tweeted she may turn back and hide with him. After one of her drivers was “taken hostage,” she was forced to pay a pair of motorcyclists to get around the picketers, as they’d blocked most of the roads in and out of the airport.



The anti-Uber anger stems from the fact that while cabbies have to pay thousands of Euros for a taxi license, the app-using drivers avoid similar requirements. A law was passed last October banning ride-share services, but has largely gone unenforced. Still, while 500 legal cases have in fact been filed against UberPOP, almost 100 attacks on Uber drivers and passengers have been reported since the protests broke out a few weeks ago.

In fact, Love didn’t even experience the worst of it. According to the BBC, protestors have flipped cars and burned tires all around Paris, Marseilles and Aix-en-Provence airports, and have even blocked access to certain train stations.