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Movement 2015 Festival Review: Top 11 Sets + Photos

on May 27, 2015, 11:00am
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Phuture Mon Made In Detroit
During this set, I overheard one fan ask a buddy how long this group had been around. And that is why the world needs Movement. Back in the mid-’80s, PHUTURE (then Phuture 303) invented the acid sound and the genre still holds true to most of their original Roland TB-303 stylings. Despite regular hiatuses, the pair of DJ Pierre and Spanky remain a machine behind their live setup. Even when a minor technical difficulty had Spanky speaking into a microphone three feet above the stage (mighty low for a man of his stature) while simultaneously tackling some of the digital controls, he didn’t miss a single distorted syllable. Attesting to the ability of the new Roland AIRA modular set-up, the pair have made the switch from a purely analog set. While the technology has changed, the acid is just as menacing. To celebrate their time on stage, the pair unearthed one of the scene’s more inspirational quotes, pulled from Fat Boy Slim’s “Song For Shelter”: “Well if house music was air/ And Doctor love would be my song/ And I would only take deep breaths/ And fill my lungs with the rhythm or the bass.”

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