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Andrea Balency shares new song “Simone” — listen

on May 13, 2015, 1:05pm

Andrea Balency, a globe-trotting producer and vocalist who calls Mexico, France, New York, and London home, has quietly been gaining a reputation amongst electronic acts. Over the years, her brooding beats and hushed vocals have captured the attention of renowned acts like James Blake, The Cure, and Au Revoire Simone, who have all invited her to serve as as their opening act. Just this past March, Balency released her second EP, Volcano, which she co-produced alongside Rob McAndrews, co-founder of the Blake affiliated 1-800-Dinosaur label. Having sparked a kinship, the two reunite on Balency’s new single “Simone”.

“‘Simone’ is very different from the songs in Volcano, so different that it almost feels like a side project,” Balency says. “It’s a nice breath of fresh air, a little break from the heavier stuff I’ve been working on. It’s one of the very first collaborations between me and Rob McAndrews. We made it long distance and it took a very long time to finish it – but we saw each other to work on it in person and here it is finally.”

Balency’s right; compared to her previous material, there is a startling difference in tone on “Simone”. Whereas Volcano was stark and shrouded in mystery, her latest offering opens with the faint and gentle sounds of an acoustic guitar. Her featherweight vocals feel clear and defined, nearly teetering into the pop realm, while synthesizer whirls and looped drum samples keep it well within Balency’s wheelhouse. It’s a new dreamy direction, but it still suits the vibrant color of her voice exceptionally well.

Listen in below.