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Top Songs of the Week (4/17)

on April 17, 2015, 1:15pm
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At what point does the “surprise” signifier stop getting attached to singles and albums that appear without a schedule? When you get an unexpected treat seemingly each and every week, it’s hard to be all that surprised. None of us expected a new single from Crystal Castles, but well, there it was. We were all pretty excited that Vic Mensa made it onto Kanye’s album, but then a track that flips their roles? New studio music from Ratatat and Brand New? The list goes on and on. All of these surprises make choosing a top 10 every week difficult, but we’re always thrilled to do the heavy lifting.

10. Michal Menert – “Jettison”

Michael Menert Jettison

Featuring saxophonist Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic and Break Science producer/keyboardist Borahm Lee, Michal Menert sourced from the electro-soul scene to co-construct the inspired melodies of “Jettison”, from his upcoming Space Jazz. “Jettison” stays on the heady, more celestial tides of the sound. He minimizes some of the genre’s more familiar, festival-friendly low-end exploits in favor of dusty percussive breaks, intermittent vinyl scratching, and a brilliantly fractured post-production duet. If J Dilla was still rocking beats, he would be quite proud to nab this one. Grab the LP April 21st via Super Best Records. –Derek Staples

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