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Stream: Speedy Ortiz’s new album Foil Deer

on April 13, 2015, 4:00pm

Speedy Ortiz will return with its second studio full-length, Foil Deer, on April 21st via Carpark Records. In anticipation of the release, the album is streaming in full via

“A lot of the previous songs were really insecure,” frontwoman Sadie Dupuis, a recent recipient of an MFA in poetry from UMass Amherst, told DIY. “They’re all coming from this cornered place. [Foil Deer] is self-assured, but maybe that’s just my own headspace when I was writing. My songs have always been about whatever issues I’m having. I use them as a tool to try and figure out what I’m feeling, and make it better.”

Dupuis said she believes the result is a much more positive record than 2013’s Major Arcana“I kind of cut out people who were being crappy, so I didn’t have them to write about. I think [Foil Deer] is less of a bummer than the last one, which is good. It seems weird to me that our first record was this bummery thing. I guess this is still who I am, though, a little neurotic.”

Pre-orders are going on now. Below, revisit Speedy Ortiz’s recent #AreaCode session.

Foil Deer Tracklist:
01. Good Neck
02. Raising The Skate
03. The Graduates
04. Dot X
05. Homonovus
06. Puffer
07. Swell Content
08. Zig
09. My Dead Girl
10. Ginger
11. Mister Difficult
12. Dvrk Wvrld