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Shilpa Ray shares powerful new song “Burning Bride” — listen

on April 23, 2015, 5:13pm

Shilpa Ray’s first solo album, It’s All Self Fellatio, hit stores back in 2013, issued via longtime fan Nick Cave’s own Bad Seed LTD. Now, the Brooklyn singer-songwriter is back with a followup LP due on May 19th through Northern Spy Records. Last Year’s Savage spans 11 tracks and is previewed today with the powerful opening number “Burning Bride”.

Here, Ray’s vocals glow like smoldering embers, as she leads an eerie mix of organ, guitar, and glockenspiel. The palpable darkness that emanates from the track can be traced back to a fiendish, forbidden ritual which Ray tackles head-on. “Bride-burning is a banned practice in Hindu culture where they burn the wife alive after her husband has died,” she told Flavorwire.

“In the olden days, priests set up some rules about a woman’s role and duties to her husband and god as a way to manipulate people into honoring this ritual, however the actual reason the priests did it was to obtain the wealth and property of the deceased. I had to take this story — the image of it — and use it to write about getting fucked in the ass during modern times.”

Listen in below.

For more of Last Year’s Savage, check out “Pop Song for Euthanasia”.

Last Year’s Savage Tracklist:
01. Burning Bride
02. Pop Song for Euthanasia
03. On Broadway
04. Johnny Thunder’s Fantasy Space Camp
05. Oh My Northern Soul
06. Nocturnal Emissions
07. Colonel Mustard in the Billiard Room
08. Sanitary iPad
09. Moksha
10. Pipe Dreams Ponzi Schemes
11. Hymn