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Jimmy Fallon shares his Record Store Day haul

on April 20, 2015, 12:41pm

Just like you, big name celebs who wanted to grab some choice vinyl on Record Store Day had to head to their local store bright and early on Saturday. Known music fanatic Jimmy Fallon trekked out to Innersleeve Records on Long Island for his RSD shopping, and hung out to talk with WEHM radio’s Anthony, who was broadcasting live from the shop. Listen to the whole thing here.

Fallon shared his haul with the host, reveling in some sweet finds. He picked up Weezer’s Green Album, John Prine’s September 78 live album, Frank Sinatra’s Songs for Young Lovers (“Nancy is my wife’s name, so I have to get that one,” he said), and Willie Nelson’s Teatro (“If you don’t know this record, this record’s just killer”). He also bought U2’s Songs of Innocence. “Everyone dissed on it because they got it for free with Apple,” Fallon said. “But it’s a great record.”

He was also excited to nab Courtney Barnett’s “Kim’s Caravan” single. “Invest stock in this girl,” he advised. “She’s going to be gigantic.” But his most prized find? The Side by Side colored vinyl with Syd Barrett and R.E.M. performing “Dark Globe”. “This is the one to get,” he said with glee.

Fallon also talked about vinyl collecting, telling “all the kids out there” to go buy a cheap turntable. “It’s fun, it’s a different sound. It makes you appreciate … My kids right now, I’m gonna raise them on vinyl. You get to hold them, look at the pictures. And it’s a warmer sound. It’s just so much fun.” He also discussed his friendship with the late Joan Rivers and more.