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VOWS share Gary Numan-featuring track “Losing Myself in You” — listen

on March 13, 2015, 11:30am

After meeting at the University of Western Sydney and beginning to work in various projects, Matt and Rizz became well-known within the Australian experimental scene. It wasn’t until they up and moved to New York City, however, that they actually joined forces to form VOWS. Together, the duo craft a booming industrial sound, heavy percussion and synths darkening a subtly pop structure. No doubt the band were influenced by legends like Gary Numan, but few who take inspiration from their idols ever build up the gall to go ask them to collaborate with them. But that’s exactly what VOWS did last year.

The duo had moved to LA after signing a deal with Cleopatra Records, getting to work on an LP with producer Kevin McMahon (SWANS, Titus Andronicus, The Walkmen). They then approached Numan with “Losing Myself in You”, a track they’d written specifically with his vocals in mind. Immediately impressed, the notoriously selective British electro pioneer agreed to appear on the song.

“Losing Myself” is a barrage of percussive bombs, an assault that rattles the heart as it pounds on. Synths drone and swirl like entrancing spells of their own, while guitars crunch and stalk triumphantly. Numan’s unmistakable vocals ring out in the oddly light chorus — like a weighted balloon — backed by the VOWS members themselves. Check it out via the lyric video below.

“Losing Myself in You” will be available as a 7-inch single b/w “Against the Gates” on March 16th. Considering how Numan’s last collaboration, 2011’s “My Machine” with Battles, spurred him on to complete his most recent record, Splinter (Songs from a Broken Mind), who knows where working with such kindred spirits as VOWS will take him?