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Coachella’s 2015 Lineup: One Day Later

on January 07, 2015, 4:15pm
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Jack White

Photo by Philip Cosores

Photo by Philip Cosores

Although White has been rumored to headline Coachella for quite some time, he is and always will be a festival highlight. For the past three years, he’s been scorching the stages of ‘Roo, Governor’s Ball, and Lolla, so it’s about time the West Coast got some love. The tenacious tourer (and one of our Top Live Acts of 2014) has been plowing through his ever-growing Lazaretto circuit, breaking records and spraining ankles along the way. White’s fans can expect the usual (an energetic and lengthy set) as well as the unusual: gems from the darkest corners of his catalog and freshly minted covers from any and all genres. —Danielle Janota

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams

Photo by Ben Kaye

Ryan Adams has never played Coachella, and 2015 is likely the best time the fest could have hoped to grab him. He’s riding a wave of consistently good albums, capped by last year’s self-titled affair, and he’s playing a more rock ‘n’ roll-geared, crowd-pleasing set. The guy simply doesn’t play a whole lot of festivals, and when he does, it is usually on the folky or bluegrass side of the table. It will be nice to see him take his rightful place among music’s marquee names. —Philip Cosores


Photo by Philip Cosores

Photo by Philip Cosores

Drake is cool, and if you think he’s not, you’re a damn idiot. Upon further review from his mother, we know that any emotional activity by His Degrassi-ness is very much genuine, and to experience it IRL is a blessing gifted to the ticket-buying masses by the gods of Coachella. With a new album likely dropping this spring, Drake will most assuredly have new material to perform, in addition to “6 God” and his well-received ASIA cover, “Heat of the Moment”, making his headlining set more than worth catching. Be sure to pick up a Toronto Raptors Lint Roller™ at the merch tent. —Pat Levy


ride Coachella’s 2015 Lineup: One Day Later
Oxford quartet Ride are another act in the very welcome trend of esteemed ‘90s shoegazers reuniting. After an official tour announcement in November, the band responsible for classics like Nowhere and Going Blank Again will hit the festival circuit. Chances are these initial shows will be just as noisy and cathartic as Slowdive’s reunion leg, filling up the nostalgia reserves and introducing a new generation of fans to their music. With albums that still stand the test of time 20 years on, here’s hoping the flower band-donning crowd will be as receptive to these melodic powerhouses as they deserve. What’s next, a Chapterhouse or Swirlies reunion in 2016? —Josh Terry

Tame Impala

Photo by Evie Cheung

Photo by Evie Cheung

WIth a new album just confirmed for 2015, these Australian psych rockers have the perfect opportunity to debut new material to an already-receptive audience. Over the past few years, Tame Impala has long-proven its festival bona fides, letting bangers like “Elephant”, “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”, and “Solitude Is Bliss” speak for themselves. All signs point to this LP being another release full of excellent and digestible psych pop, and it’s easy to imagine Coachella’s audiences loving it. —Josh Terry

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