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Watch the bloody conclusion of OFF’s journey with Jack Black in video for “Meet Your God”

on December 11, 2014, 2:30pm

OFF! is dedicating its next two music videos to telling a most heartwarming tale: the events surrounding Keith Morris’ 59th birthday party. Part one came last week with the video for “Over Our Heads”, in which a skydiving coach (played by Jack Black) led the band out of the plane and into the rather perilous wilderness. Now, we get to see the collective’s final fate as they trek deeper into the woods in the video for “Meet Your God”.

Without spoiling too much of this punk rock take on Rambo, be on the look out for some epic montages, gnarly Kung Fu moves, an actual bear fight, and a side of Black we’ve never seen before — with his intestines hanging out. Slap on your warpaint and watch it below.

Both “Over Our Heads” and “Meet Your God” appear on the supergroup’s latest album, Wasted Years.