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The Drop, Vol. 7: Joris Voorn, Dusky, Kill Frenzy, Flow Arts, and NYE

on December 31, 2014, 12:00am
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Here is an interesting little tidbit: Three of the top five most Googled music festivals in 2014 are heavy with EDM (Mysteryland, Hard Summer, Electric Forest), yet not one dance music artist made the list of top 10 Googled musicians. Presumably, this is because so many have entered into the realm of dance music for the experience, not the artists controlling the decks behind the massive wall of LED lights and fog machines. While this type of growth has troubled some, legendary house/techno DJ Carl Cox has shared a much more refreshing outlook: “EDM’s an entry level to dance music, and I’m very happy about that. We fought so long for dance music to be respected there. EDM’s a sound America has latched on to, but once people start going left and right of that scene, they’re going to find their Art Departments, their Loco Dices, and their Sven Väths — and that’s a really good place to be.”

Thanks to this ongoing fight by the likes of Cox, his fellow international dance music provocateurs are now finding much more success stateside. As recently as the turn of the decade, Americans were fleeing to places like Berlin, Ibiza, Amsterdam, and London to find a home for their beats; today, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas are international hot spots for producers and DJs alike. In that spirit, this volume of The Drop examines some of the globe’s underground sensations: the Netherlands’ Joris Voorn, British deep-house duo Dusky, and Berlin-based, Belgian-bred booty-bass champion Kill Frenzy. We conclude with some helpful insights on the events closing out 2014, because no one deserves to get trapped on the wrong dancefloor.

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