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Kanye West’s Yeezus turned into Kreezus, the perfect Christmas album

on December 23, 2014, 9:52am

On surface level, a Yeezus parody Christmas album sounds like a terrible idea. In fact, when I first received the email, I didn’t even give it a second glance before hitting delete. But then I saw it mentioned again on Reddit last night, and decided to give it a chance. It’s incredible.

A group called Local Business Comedy found a really great Kanye impressionist and wrote entirely new, Christmas-themed lyrics that match up perfectly with the original beats from Yeezus. Case in point…

From track three “I Am A Claus”: “I just talked to Jesus/ He said, ‘What up, Kreezus?’/ I said, ‘Climbing buildins, trying to gift these childrin'”

From track four “New Sleighs”: “Ms. Claus was raised in the era when/ Clean snow was only rode by Jack Skellington/ Riding snow you would have thought I had help/ But they wasn’t satisfied unless I shoveled snow myself”

From track seven “Lights on the Streets”: “Fuck them other Reindeer cause I’m down with my Reindeer/ I ride with my Reindeers/ I’d die for my…”

From track ten “Wrapped 2”: “I know you’re tired of wrappin, of wrappin’/ With nobody to gift/ Nobody, nobody”

The whole album is available to stream below.