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The Gingerbread Man goes metal for Foo Fighters’ holiday sweaters

on November 21, 2014, 8:17pm

Thanksgiving is next week, and that means it’s time to brace for two things: my Uncle Marty’s uncomfortable sense of humor and unawareness of personal space, and the holiday season. If there’s one thing that can make the latter more bearable (and, now that I think about it, perhaps the former), it’s a good ol’ fashion ugly Christmas sweater, and Foo Fighters have just released the most metal sweater of them all.

Available in red and green, the cheery pullovers feature a scowling Gingerbread Man front and center, complete with black eye makeup and an adorable row of inverted crosses down his belly. He stands betwixt a pair of reindeer skulls, mostly likely Blitzen and Donner, known troublemakers that they are were. And what Xmas shirt would be complete without a string of festive stars? Or, at least in the sweaters’ case, upside-down pentagrams

Check them out above, and then order either sweater for $29.99 at the Foo’s webstore. Look, I’m Jewish, but I will hang up a blue-and-white stocking over the fireplace if someone promises to stuff this thing in it.

Just because, check out a performance of “Everlong” from KROQ’s Almost Christmas Acoustic 2006.