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Live Review: Kimbra at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall (11/1)

on November 03, 2014, 12:00am

What better way to spend Halloween weekend than with New Zealand’s Kimbra Lee Johnson in the intimate confines of Chicago’s Lincoln Hall? She’s an artist who keeps the imagination spiraling; a CoCo Chanel of the music industry — that is, if we want to get fashionable here. My point is that she refuses to be overt.

Let’s look at the emotional roller coaster “Rescue Him”. There are no sexual undertones within this song, only bruises of emotional frustration, and that sudden realization that, Yes, people can let you down. It’s a feeling an artist like Sharon Van Etten understands far too well. Yet through some miracle, she spins some positivity on even the darkest conversations, which makes her cadence all the more provocative.

Kimbra - Phillip Roffman - 03

Too many of today’s pop artists obsess over painting their songs with broad strokes of provocation and controversy. Instead, Kimbra values story above anything else, and every listener has the ability of having a fantastic lyrical journey. The hundreds that huddled around the venue’s small stage on Saturday night, gazing up like bewildered school children, provided sufficient evidence of this.

That’s what makes Kimbra such an important icon right now: she hits the mind, soul, and body in that order. That also explains why an onslaught of artists like Mark Foster, Gotye, As Tall As Lions, and John Legend have all worked with her in the past—to get that imagination onto their albums and singles.

(Interview: Kimbra – Miraculous Pop)

To quote another Halloween mainstay, Evil Dead‘s Ash Williams, “Alright, who wants some?”

Teen Heat
90s Music
Nobody But You
Settle Down
Something In The Way You Are
Everlovin’ Ya
Two Way Street
Rescue Him
Cameo Love
Love In High Places
As You Are
Come Into My Head

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