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Coldplay share amazing interactive video for “Ink” — watch

on November 26, 2014, 12:03pm

If, like me, you grew up hooked on Give Yourself Goosebumps or similar Choose Your Own Adventure books, then you’re going to find Coldplay’s new interactive music video for “Ink” rather mesmerizing.

The visually-stunning animated clip follows a man as he searches far and wide for his lost love, and thanks to some great technology by LA agency Blind and Interlude, you can literally join him on his wondrous journey. Plot out the storyline and help him on his mission: Should he take the path on the left or the right? Continue drowning his sorrows at the bar or call it a night? Follow that bear into the cave or take flight with the bird? There’s over 200 outcomes, so watch below and make your choices wisely.

“Ink” is taken from Coldplay’s latest album, Ghost Stories.