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Chelan shares new song “Pretend We Live Forever” — listen

on November 26, 2014, 10:00am

With their day jobs, Jen Grady and Justin Hosford already lead rich musical lives. Grady teaches classical music, while Hosford scores film and television (including the more recent 90210 series). When they come together as Chelan, though, the pair have a chance to, as they describe it, “push the envelope without the boundaries of traditional musical disciplines.”

So far, the duo has explored the sonic landscapes of pop, jazz, hip-hop, folk, and beyond across three full-length albums. Now, they’ll expand their efforts even further with the release of their latest album, Equal Under Pressure, due out February 17th via Echo Phono.

Grady and Hosford describe Equal as their “most diverse” record, with the pair creating “an immense sonic atmosphere while still remaining focused enough to engage the listener.” That dynamic epitomizes the LP’s lead single, “Pretend We Live Forever”, a ballad-club banger hybrid marked by trip-hop percussion, shimmery keys, an uplifting string section, and Grady’s angelic croon. Listen in below.