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The 25 Most Anticipated Tours of Fall 2014

on September 11, 2014, 12:00am
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Why is summer typically the go-to season for tours and concerts? It’s hot out, too many unsupervised kids mill about, and somehow everything just feels more expensive. Sure, it’s hard to resist a smokey cookout and the warmth of a beach chair, but the fall offers a far more suitable choice for those looking to be all-around comfortable. For one, the weather has a personality, offering signature elements like pumpkin-scented breezes and Indian summers. Really, there are few things more life-affirming than standing outside on a cool autumn evening, even for all the summer lovin’, folks. Also, the year’s remaining top artists come out of their holes and drop their strongest work, which they celebrate by hopping into tour vans that crunch over the leave-infested roads. So, toss the swim gear in the hamper, grab a cup of cocoa, and start planning your next three months around these must-see tours.

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