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The 25 Most Anticipated Films of Fall 2014

on September 17, 2014, 12:00am
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I’m not sure where you are, but here in Chicago it feels like the fall came ‘round way too early. As I throw another blanket on the bed and bid adieu to my A/C until next summer, my film buff senses tell me that award season is just around the corner. Let us say farewell to all the dinobots, talking raccoons, and ninja turtles I’ve loved (and hated) before, as we prepare ourselves for the always welcomed return of David Fincher, P.T. Anderson, and Christopher Nolan. Will they continue to improve upon their ever-blossoming direction, or will they deliver a dud? More importantly, what approaching film release will announce the arrival of a new icon, behind the scenes or in front of the camera? Our writers came up with a list of 25 films we are looking forward to seeing this fall as the winds blow in, the temperatures continue to drop, and the greats come out to play…

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