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This app promises to save concerts from cellphones

on August 14, 2014, 11:43am

Because of technology, the way we experience concerts has vastly changed. With cellphones, we can share our moments with friends, document our favorite songs, upload them to YouTube, and make a keepsake of our experiences. Of course, using your phone at shows can also be quite rude, with bright screens taking you out of the moment, distracting other concertgoers, and, God forbid, the band onstage.

For their part, artists have mostly rallied against the use of cell phones. Some acts, like a Jack White, are a bit more tactful and polite about the issue. Meanwhile, Peter Frampton will straight chuck your phone into the crowd.

As it’s impossible to completely get rid of phones at shows, a group of French developers have created an app that could solve this seemingly endless debate once and for all. The concept behind Kimd is pretty simple: the app dims the phone’s luminosity to 10% and “a black veil with a 30% opacity is displayed on top of the screen.” This way, concertgoers are able to snap and record without bugging the purists around them. Its controls are simple too, allowing for one quick tap to focus the image, one touch to shoot the picture, and one longer touch to record video.

Granted, this is all assuming that chronic phone users at shows will take the extra step to be courteous to those around them. This is also assuming that those annoyed by said phone users will be appeased by darkened screens. The only way to find out for sure? Download the app here; it’s only available for the iPhone, but the Android version is debuting shortly.

Below, watch a trailer for the app.