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Trash Talk bassist throws beer bottle at drone, causing it to crash land into crowd

on August 13, 2014, 7:11pm

If there’s one thing to know about a Trash Talk show, it’s that it’s an incredibly wild and aggressive time. The mosh pits are large and sometimes things get broken. Case in point: at their recent show in Detroit, a drone filming the event crashed 20 feet to the ground after bassist Spencer Pollard successfully lobbed a beer bottle at the aircraft.

The drone in question belonged to Henry Arnold, a 52-year-old Detroit native who runs a company called Detroit Drone. Arnold was hired by concert promoters to film the Zumiez Best Foot Forward skateboarding event at the Michigan Theatre, where Trash Talk was playing. When his drone got too close to the band’s raucous set, Pollard tried to knock it down with beer bottles. It took Pollard three throws, but ultimately, the quadcopter came crashing down, causing $700 worth of damage.

Attempting to remain calm by using tame, antiquated language, Arnold explained his reaction to the incident and his subsequent confrontation with Pollard. “I expressed my bewilderment at why he would do that,” Arnold told MLive. “I didn’t use that line, but that’s the gist of what happened—and he was like, ‘Screw you,’ and I was like, ‘Screw you,’ and that was that. There was mature language used.”

Luckily, things didn’t get uglier. Arnold added, “I’m just glad no one got hurt. It’s very dangerous to down a drone over a crowd, and it landed in about the only safe area it could have.”

The festival promoter has promised to cover Arnold’s losses. Meanwhile, as of press time, Trash Talk has not publicly commented on the incident.

Watch the carnage below.