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The Drop, Vol. 4: A Chat with Feed Me, The EDM Cash Grab, and Tips for Artist Management

on August 08, 2014, 12:00am
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Senior Staff Writer Derek Staples returns to discuss the ever-evolving market and culture behind EDM. This time around, however, he’s gone ahead and expanded his column to be something akin to an online zine, featuring op-editorials, investigative reporting, guides, track selections/reviews, and interviews. Don’t wait for it, read ahead now: The Drop.

Wow, has it been a crazy few weeks in electronic music culture. There have been massive festivals, deadmau5 continued to troll the web, and even Shaq decided to get in on the action (more on that later). Plus, with the DJ Mag Top 100 voting now open, the EDM dialogue is nearing its yearly peak. For those that thought the US campaigns were intense, just wait for the onslaught of social blasts and PR announcements from the world’s elite DJs and producers; R3hab has actually already taken over djmag.com’s page skin. Whether you decide to vote or not, take the opportunity to dig deeper than the perennial names that claim the top 15 slots, using The Drop as just one of your reference materials. My personal top five would be Jimmy Edgar, Seth Troxler, Brodinski, Art Department, and Loco Dice. While contemplating your own list, take some time to explore the minds of Jon Gooch (aka Feed Me) and a few select insiders in this edition of The Drop.

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