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Forecastle 2014 Guide: Food, Drinks, Records, and Aftershows

on July 17, 2014, 5:31pm
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Last year’s festival guide to Forecastle Festival was such a smash that we decided to bring back the two Louisville legends to offer their truths to you humble travelers. So, lo and behold, We Listen for You’s Zach Hart and the one and only Kenny Bloggins return to bring you the lowdown on Louisville.

They’ve also made it really easy to digest, having broken down the guide into six categories:  Food, Coffee, Drinks, Records, Before and After-Parties, and the Best of the Rest. In other words, as we explained last year, “They trimmed the fried fat and cut right into the savory meat of what can get you lucky in Kentucky.”

Rest assured, you’ll do wise to follow these folks.

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