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Who’s the Greatest Film Composer of All Time? You Suggest!

on June 04, 2014, 12:30am

In May, we asked you to debate over the Greatest Drummer of All Time. (Not-so-spoiler alert: You chose Neil Peart of Rush.) For June, however, you’re gonna want to microwave some popcorn, grab a liter of soda, and dig into your VHS collection to answer the following question: “Who’s the greatest film composer of all time?”

Is it Bernard Herrmann? How about John Williams? Or, maybe it’s someone contemporary like Cliff Martinez? A few of you (we hope) might suggest alternative heroes like Vangelis, John Carpenter, or Wendy Carlos. Some might even be bold and recommend a newcomer like Mica Levi. Really, it’s in your hands.

So, take the next few days to revisit some of your favorite scores and return here to tell us your three top choices. Just make sure you spell the names correctly. Then, come next Wednesday, we’ll host the first round of the tournament, complete with essays from our resident film buffs.

Deadline for submissions is this Monday, June 9th.