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Blink-182 covers The Misfits’ “Hybrid Moments”

on June 23, 2014, 5:10pm

I recently had a conversation with my mother in which she responded to my feelings of uncertainty by saying “If you want something in the world, you have to act as if it already happened.” (I’ve since learned that she may have been quoting the self-help book The Secret). Rather than doing anything pertaining to money or good health, I immediately changed my Facebook photo and cover art to The Misfits, in hopes they’d finally reunite. World peace schmerld peace.

Today, no more than four days after my mother’s sagely wisdom, the Universe has answered my call: during their set at Amnesia Rockfest this past weekend, Blink-182 delivered a cover of my 3rd favorite Misfits song, “Hybrid Moments”. You might be thinking, “Chris, this isn’t actually what you had in mind”. I’d then cover your mouth with my index finger and tell you that Blink’s spirited, doubly kinetic rendition was enough to remind me why I fell in love with The Misfits in the first place. Also, on the plus side, the Universe could’ve easily pushed Danzig and Co. further apart. Oh, wait….

Watch fan-shot footage below (via Alternative Press):