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20 Strange Soundtrack Choices In Film

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The word “strange” has so many connotations, especially with regards to film. But if we’re going by its standard definition, the adjective simply means: “unusual or surprising in a way that is unsettling or hard to understand.” So, keep that in mind when you’re clicking ahead through the “strange” soundtrack choices that have popped up in film over the last few decades.

Although, looking at this list, misguided may have been a more appropriate descriptor. The end result of nearly all of these songs—whether positive or negative—feel merely accidental. If the filmmakers were trying to be cool, they came off dumb. If they attempted to be dumb, they wound up being cool. It’s that “strange” habit where sweet = creepy, creepy = hilarious, and so on.

Somehow, a good number of the song choices ahead actually work. It’s that “strange” match where sound and vision come together in perfect chaotic harmony. So, you can’t exactly fault filmmakers and/or soundtrack producers for attempting to take risks in that area, even if they’ve left us confused in the aisles post-credits.

And as usual, feel free to toss us a kernel of wisdom in the comments below.

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