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The Black Keys and Zero Boys release eerily similar “televangelist” music videos in same week

on May 08, 2014, 10:04am

Did The Black Keys rip off reunited Indianapolis punk outfit Zero Boys in their video for “Fever”?

Probably not. But as the Indy Star reports, the two bands released remarkably similar videos in the same week.

Zero Boys were first, uploading a low budget video for their single “Third Strike” to YouTube on April 25th. In the clip, which was produced by Indiana company MonkeyEatsMonkey, frontman Paul Mahern is cast a charismatic televangelist preacher who sings to a zealous church congregation. A week later on May 1st, The Black Keys unveiled the video for “Fever”. In that clip, which was directed by Theo Wenner, frontman Dan Auerbach is also a charismatic televangelist preacher who sings to a zealous church congregation. It’s the same concept, as both clips mimic low-budget local television channels, with fake donation numbers and pretty hilarious visual gags. That said, due to the mere week between the two videos and the different jokes within them, this is most likely some crazy coincidence rather than downright plagiarism.

For their part, Zero Boys seem to be good sports about the whole thing, writing on Facebook (with emojis), “looks like the Black Keys stole our video :)”, which was quickly followed by “not really ;)”. Thankfully, this won’t be a another drawn-out plagiarism scandal, but, if we’re being honest, Genesis was the first to do this kind of thing with their video for “Jesus He Knows Me”. Maybe both parties involved should buy a lottery ticket or something because this coincidence is almost scary.

Watch the two videos below and see the similarities for yourself.

Zero Boys’ “Third Strike”:

The Black Keys’ “Fever”:

Zero Boys’ first album in 21 years, Monkey, is hitting stores on May 20th, while the The Black Keys’ Turn Blue arrives May 13th via Nonesuch.