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Listen: Stephen Steinbrink’s new song “Now You See Everything”

on May 13, 2014, 5:15pm

Arizona-born singer-songwriter Stephen Steinbrink has quietly spent the last seven years releasing a bevy of albums, EPs, and sorted cassette tapes. Exploring his plentiful back catalog reveals Steinbrink’s musical journey from pop band leader to experimental solo act, as well as his adjustment in transitioning from a denizen of the sweltering Valley of the Sun to the evergreens of Olympia, Washington. Now, Steinbrink is taking his stylistic expedition further by announcing the release of his latest full-length, Arranged Waves, due out July 7th via Melodic Records.

The album’s first single, “Now You See Everything”, feels very symbolic of his move to Olympia, indebted to the twee sounds of Beat Happening and K Records but also the general tranquility of the greater Pacific Northwest. However, Steinbrink’s other influences (’60s garage-pop and early English psychedelic music), not to mention an aura of childlike wonderment, places his abstract take on bubblegum pop in a dimension all its own.

Listen in below: