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Explore The Smiths’ entire history with this interactive timeline

on March 03, 2014, 9:03pm

Even if no one wants The Smiths to reunite, that doesn’t impact the storied discography they left behind. Rather than simply sitting alone in your room crying over Meat Is Murder, though, the band has shared an interactive website which documents their entire five-year run.

Along with a very detailed timeline, archival photos, and loads of interesting factoids and tidbits, “The Interactive Sound of The Smiths: 1982-1987” features embedded audio (via Spotify) of the band’s entire discography. Explore the site here while you mentally prepare a draft for your “The Smiths at Coachella 2015” e-petition.

For more from The Smiths, be sure to check out recent #RealLife feature, where we collected personal stories inspired by their 1984 self-titled debut. Below, check out this writer’s two favorite songs, “Ask” and the first six seconds of “William, It Was Really Nothing”.