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Cherry Glazerr – Haxel Princess

on January 24, 2014, 12:00am

While the moniker Cherry Glazerr (named after the KCRW anchor Chery Glaser) may not be as in-your-face as Syracuse’s ascendant Perfect Pussy, it still indicates a fundamental crudeness carried through in the Los Angeles punks’ M.O.:  to assert defiance via guitars and rousing vocals, and burn with both aggression and pathos in the lyrics. When everything is operating smoothly, it works out great. When it’s not, their music is vague and a little presumptuous. In Haxel Princess, though, frontwoman Clementine Creevy, bassist Sean Redman, and drummer Hannah Uribe have delivered a promising, 24-minute shot of youthful irreverence.

We expect our punk bands to build songs from limited arsenals — it’s a justifiably big deal when our Fucked Ups and our Hüskers bring in a piano, or trumpets, or whatever — but Cherry Glazerr are too comfortable with their prerogative to keep things trim. On Haxel Princess, their full-length debut, we get lots of eighth-note barre-chording, barebones drumming, and to-the-point structures. Making up for the lack of nuance are the confectionery melodies, which add more color than texture. For the most part, these songs are loud but not particularly assaulting, though an exception is the lurching thrill “White’s Not My Color This Evening”, with its tornadic guitars and Creevy briefly adopting a haunted house shriek.

Cherry Glazerr are snotty, but smart about it, and as a lyricist the cynical Creevy deals in broad but swift strokes. This is from “Cry Baby”, the album opener: “Don’t tease me, I’ll shove you on the ground.” Here’s the mantra of “Bloody Bandaid”: “I feel weird.” Or what about this observation from “Teenage Girl”: “Rob Kardashian’s a tool.” Creevy has a nice, pretty voice, sure, but she’s usually closer to writhing than sashaying. As long as she manages to keep her sense of humor intact (and she usually does here), she’ll keep us hanging around.

Essential Tracks:  “Haxel Princess”, “All My Friends”, and “White’s Not My Color This Evening”

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