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Listen: Guerilla Toss’ jolting new rocker, “Pink Elephant”

on November 25, 2013, 3:30pm


As the jarring press photo above might indicate, Boston art-punk outfit Guerilla Toss don’t mind a little shock and awe. Their music tells a similar story, each of their songs a manic freakout of epic proportions, strewn with guttural shrieks and angular, forever restless guitars that seem to have a mad mind of their own. “Pink Elephant”, the latest off their forthcoming album, Gay Disco, follows suit; nearly five minutes of raw, brutal energy and incredibly impenetrable, unnerving noise. If you need to jumpstart your Monday afternoon (or simply enjoy giving yourself heart palpitations), this one’s for you.

Guerilla Toss’ new record, Gay Disco, is due out December 10th via NNA Tapes.