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Who Are the Most Evil Musicians of All Time? Round Two.

on October 17, 2013, 12:00pm
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GG Allin vs. Courtney Love

ggallin Who Are the Most Evil Musicians of All Time? Round Two.Born Jesus Christ Allin, after his father claimed the Son of God visited him in a dream, GG Allin, the Madman of Manchester (New Hampshire), was anything but anointed, unless of course you’re talking about covering oneself in blood and fecal matter. Called “uncontrollable, uncompromising and vicious” by his own band members, Allin fronted various acts all with subversive or shocking names: The Jabbers, The Cedar Street Sluts, The Scumfucs, and The Texas Nazis.

Addicted to heroin and alcohol, Allin took to consuming laxatives as he regularly began defecating on stage during his performances, often rubbing the feces on himself or throwing it on the audience he consistently attacked. His mantra? “With GG, you don’t get what you expect—you get what you deserve.” Every Halloween, he threatened to kill himself (only to get arrested every year), until he finally did, albeit by an accidental overdose of heroin, in the summer of ‘93. –Len Comaratta

courtneylove Who Are the Most Evil Musicians of All Time? Round Two.Widow to Kurt Cobain, former Hole singer, and freight train of madness Courtney Love has derailed countless times in her long-storied career. Her erratic personality and litany of substance abuse problems have created a sordid melting pot of chaos, which has boiled over from bad to really bad to out of control. In the past, she’s lost custody of her child, Frances Bean Cobain, attempted suicide multiple times, and attacked celebrities and fans both verbally and physically.

Reckless, tragic, and unpredictable don’t even begin to describe Love. Google her name and “crazy moments” and you’ll find more than a dozen lists all with various jaw-dropping stories, from being accused of killing her daughter’s pets to almost bashing a journalist’s head in with Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar. In the words of Johnny Carson, it’s all “wild and wacky stuff,” but whether or not she’s pure evil…well, that’s up for debate. Personally? She’s an anti-hero I’ve fallen in love with. –Michael Roffman

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