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Top 10 Albums by Artists Under 18 Years Old

on October 02, 2013, 12:00am
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10. Yung Lean – Unknown Death 2002


Released: 2013

How old? The guy’s 16.

Yung Lean, the mysterious 16 year old rapper from Sweden, only has one mixtape to his name thus far. But boy is it a doozy, ripe with tripped out beats and lyrics fuming with drunken nostalgia. Unknown Death 2002, released in July by New York streetwear brand and hip-hop tastemakers Mishka, garnered some critical acclaim from sites like Noisey and helped pioneer the sadwave movement that continues to eek through the internet at the pace you would expect from a bunch of sad high kids. With legions of dedicated fans spread across the globe, Yung Lean is currently touring the parts of Europe that his visa will allow and has promised to tour internationally when he turns 18.

At that age, I was… certainly not as well versed in Hennessy and ecstacy as Yung Lean, but I definitely shared his passion for N64 and Space Jam.

–Pat Levy

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